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About the Museum

The Sierra Museum is dedicated to the physical and digital preservation of all aspects of Sierra On-Line's legacy, including large format scanning of original artwork, documents of all kinds, photographs, slides and negatives, transfer of audio and video formats including pro formats such as Betacam, KryoFlux preservation of floppy disks as well as preservation of other digital media and files, photography of memorabilia, a library of sealed software, and the preservation of other items of all types.
While other computer and video game museums have diverse collections, the Sierra Museum is devoted exclusively to the physical preservation of Sierra's history, and currently curates the largest collection of original Sierra and Dynamix production and historic materials. Donations to the Museum's growing archives will bring the scattered pieces of Sierra's history together again as a permanent tribute to the artistry and imagination of every person - from designers to programmers to musicians to artists to marketing - who worked on Sierra's games, making Sierra a leader in the industry with games that are a treasured memory in the lives of fans around the world.
The Museum's website is currently in alpha, with beta access coming soon.

Contribute to the Museum's Archives

As we continue expanding our physical and digital preservation archives, we need your help. Donations or loans of anything related to Sierra, Dynamix or Sierra's other companies will ensure the preservation of these valuable historic artifacts. Please consider supporting our preservation work, and contact us today!

The Art of Sierra

Currently in production, the centerpiece of the Art of Sierra preservation project is an oversized hardcover, coffee table art and history book, presenting original Sierra artwork, documents, photos, interviews, video footage and much more in celebration of the history of Sierra and every person who made Sierra's games possible. This collection of artifacts and treasures will reveal the behind-the-scenes artistry and history of this industry-shaping company for the enjoyment of generations of Sierra fans all around the world. If you worked at Sierra, Dynamix or another Sierra subsidiary, or if you're a collector and you've acquired development materials from Sierra's games or rare/unique items from Sierra's history, please contact us.

The Museum Team

The Sierra Museum was founded and is curated by archivist Brandon Klassen. The Sierra Museum website staff includes Joshua McMillin, Josh Henry, James Gavin, Stephen Emond, Clint Smith, and the Art of Sierra team, designer Eriq Chang and cinematographer Brad Herbert.

Partnerships & Community

The Sierra Museum is always interested in partnership opportunities that will further the cause of preserving Sierra's history.
For lossless, comprehensive sets of Sierra screenshots, visit our partner site